少了隻腳還是要穿 Thom Browne,2020 春夏男裝最勵志的時尚街拍

這位時裝男士是 Quin Lewis,身穿  Thom Browne 西裝的他是美國國務院外交官員,基於對時尚的愛好,每年他都會來到時裝周看看最新流行現象,但今年不一樣的是,「這是我 14 年來第一次在公眾場合穿短褲,」也因此,幾乎每個街拍攝影師的鏡頭都被他的「獨特」所吸引。




對於 Quin Lewis 來說,街拍並不單只是一張照片,那是一個能傳遞時尚和身體訊息的機會。

在 2005 年被公車撞到後,他化悲傷為時尚動力來源,「我一直對時尚充滿熱情…,對我來說,在意外發生後能將熱情延續下去很重要。」Quin Lewis 表示,「在這種情況下,失去右腳並沒有改變我對時尚的看法,儘管有義肢,但這單純就讓我想把自己打扮得更酷。」

他描述自己的個人風格為「以正裝剪裁為基礎」,論最喜歡哪些牌子?Louis Vuitton、Thom Browne、Dries Van Noten,「我特別喜歡結合大膽印花和質感的衣服,這種感覺總是讓人出乎意料,我的人生就是為了黑白西裝和大膽印花而活。」其典型例子就是 2020 春夏男裝週在巴黎穿著 Thom Browne 短褲西套裝,「我一直很喜歡 Thom Browne 的縮衣裝,一但試過就會覺得我在呈現最真實的自我。」他說,「這是我 14 年來第一次在公眾場合穿短褲。」




Thom Browne 2020 S/S

而未來,他也希望能購入更多短褲,「我已經在想穿 Thom Browne 下一季褲子會是怎樣。」雖說 Quin Lewis 已嘗試過很多不同剪裁,但他覺得穿衣最好還是保持風格一致,「我從來不覺得我的義肢會是一個問題,當我穿長褲時,大家只會單純覺得我受傷了。在意外過後我學到的第一件事情就是認命,我無法改變被截肢的事實,但我可以掌握自己的穿著以及如何向世界表現自己,而我想展現的,就是最有自信、穿著最好看的樣子。」

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Half check jacket, full smile. I met this gentleman @Fashion_Powr on his way out of a fashion show today and it was like having a miraculous revelation about the meaning of fashion (please imagine heavens Choir music here) – even before he told me his story. Fashion can tell the story. It makes you confident. It presents you and opens you to others, to make a statement or just for the fun. It is to make you feel good-looking, or just to make you feel good. Mr. Quin Lewis @Fashion_Powr was badly hit by a bus 12 years ago. He spent a month struggling in the hospital and when he finally could go home after some intense pain that I can barely imagine, he had a prosthetic leg and was grateful to be alive. When I saw him in the street, he was standing out, like the shiniest sun among the stars. Mr. Quin Lewis doesn't work in fashion, but his whole self shows his authentic love for fashion. The truly unbelievable thing was this: in 12 years, it was his very first time wearing shorts in public. I could not have imagined anything best than this @ThomBrowneny suit to do it. Healing, confidence, success -you name it- it takes years to be achieved overnight. It often takes your passion to be the click. This was a special day, and it felt good to witness it. Thank you for being inspiring Mr. @Fashion_Powr. Clothes are to cover your body, fashion is to reveal who you are. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photo by me @WebStyleStory #PFW #ParisFashionWeek #ThomBrowne #Menswear #WeAreAllMeantToShine

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